Support to Students in Shoxing University

Ni Huaying (English name: Susan), lecturer in Shaoxing University, China. Exchange teacher at JAMK University of Applied Sciences, Teacher Education College in Spring 2010.

Susan and map
Supports to students in our university are generally carried out in three ways: economically, psychologically and on study.

High education in China is not free, tuition together with living expenses becomes a kind of burden to some families, especially those in the poverty in remote villages. There are many students with economic difficulty in our university due to various reasons, some because of low income of the family, some due to serious disease of family member, some students are even orphans. In order to help such students, the university guarantees that they can get study loan from the bank, and they can return the loan after their graduation when they have found a job. Besides that, there are different kinds of economic hardship grants as well as scholarship and financial aid to those students with economic difficulty, who will have different amount of money in every semester, which is essential for them to keep body and soul together.

With the development of society, a problem occurred on university students, that is the problem of psychological health. In order to help students with this problem, there’s Psychological Counseling Center in our university, there teachers with psychological counseling qualification will help to solve their problems. Also, there’s a head teacher for each class, the teacher who is in charge of the class also has the responsibility to help the students with psychological problem, and there’s students’ affairs office, they can go anywhere to talk about their problems.

As far as study support is concerned, this is usually given to those students who fail in their study. There is a system of peer support and exchange of learning experience if they apply for it. Of course, there will also be one chance for repeating course in our university, with the purpose that every student can graduate without any problem. This is usually conducted in this way: once a student fail in one course, he can apply for the chance to repeat learning the course, then a teacher will be assigned to supervise the study, until he finally passes it.

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